View Full Version : Happier App and "BecauseISaidIWould"

08-10-14, 05:03 PM
Hey guys! Sorry for the length of this post bear with me I'm at the peak of my meds mode at the moment so I was determined to write a lot :giggle:

So I took a looooong break from this forum site for awhile not really intentional but I was honestly just busy working on myself. I posted awhile back that I needed to move out of my apartment due to the unfortunate situation I was in with my roommates. Well after I moved out I used my time wisely to try to piece my life back together and find happiness again. Happiness is a huge part to ADHD as I'm sure a lot of you also have other conditions as well. I suffer from anxiety and bouts of depression. So I've come to discover that trying to stay on the right path of our adult add condition comes with staying mentally healthy as well, obviously.

So I say this is just for people with iphones simply because according to my friend with an android this app is for different for her. But there's this app that apple has on itunes that's free called the "happier app" and it's a lot like a social media but MUCH different. It's designed specifically to help people get their lives back on track by simply sharing throughout your day various things that have made you happy or that you are grateful for etc etc.

I've tried SO many things in life to help me keep my commitments and help me change the way I view the world and view life in itself. It's not an easy process but there are two things that have helped me and have TRULY made a difference. One is the "happier app" on the iphone and number two is the non for profit "because I said I would" I highly recommend this. I came across it by accident, and was brought to tears. Something SO incredibly simple can help change the world. They send you 10 cards in the mail for free that say "becauseIsaidIwould" at the bottom and you fill the card with whatever you like... something that you committed to yourself or something that you committed to someone else... It helps you create this goal in your life and actually stick to it. I highly recommend watching the video that is on their website it explains it much better than I can!

Just thought I'd make a post about these things, they truly changed my life in such a huge way at least try to look into them, not everything is for everybody but so far two months into both of these things and I've stayed committed to them which is saying A LOT for me! :grouphug: