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08-11-14, 10:43 PM

I went to study BBA in business management, I have start my degree with Strattera as I being diagnosed in two years , it did fine I have a GPA of 3.5

In the end of the program I have to submit a thesis, I wrote it in 2 weeks, and I didn't pass my research, I discovered that during the writing period I was taking expired Strattera pills. My research was a mess.

I stopped taking my medication for a while, and after I returned on my medication, I had missed my last submission date for my research, that means I will not get my degree, only the courses I attended.

I'm very upset, this is my 6th university and I didn't get a degree, and my 30th birthday is coming in 2 weeks.

Should I settle for a Diploma it may take another 1 years, I don't really know, also the degree is a very sensitive issue in my family

Any advice ?

08-11-14, 11:21 PM
Is there anyone you could speak with to explain that you had a medical issue that interfered with your work?

Perhaps they would accept your thesis late under those circumstances. They may not grant you the degree this year (if it's too late), but maybe they would grant the degree next year because you turned in the thesis. (This happened to me.)

The university system here (in the US) is different from the one in Kuwait, and even in the US, there are differences from university to university, so my experiences may not translate to your situation.

What are the differences between the BBA degree and a diploma? Would they affect your chances of getting the kind of job you hope to get?

08-11-14, 11:56 PM
Thank you for passing

I studied in Europe, I have tried to send a medical excuse but I have to wait until the end of the month to get a replay, and I'm not sure if they will accept it

My uni an American system university, and my degree is only one year for Adults without a degree. In Europe mostly, a Diploma is like 2 years degree, I think its called associate degree in USA.

I have started my own business and I don't need it, but its personal I want a degree and I want to continue my studies. Another reason is family and also socially which is a little bit sensitive. Sometimes I say I just want to learn French and Italian, but I don't know

Thanks again