View Full Version : Concerta 54mg Duration of Effect question

08-12-14, 11:30 PM
I have recently switched from adderall to concerta due to concerns about how dependent I had become on adderall after 8 years of use. Over the past 4 years I was taking Adderall xr 90mg/day. For the first three years I was taking 2x 30mg in the morning and another 30mg in the afternoon, but then my health insurance provider decided they would not longer cover more than 30 capsuals of adderral xr per 30 day period. As a result I ended up taking 30mg of adderall xr and 20mg of adderall ir each morning and then another 20mg of ir in the early afternoon and a final 20mg of ir in the later afternoon/early evening (I am in graduate school so it depends when I had classes that day).

For some reason the duration of effect seemed to be about the same between adderall xr and ir (5-7 hrs). Concerta claims to have a duration of 10-12hrs but so far it has only seemed to last about 6-8hrs. Is this normal or has taking adderall for so long impacted the effectiveness of concerta in some way?

08-13-14, 12:02 AM
Hi Aramz, welcome to ADDF!

I think what you are experiencing is normal. Many people feel their meds. fall short of their claimed time frame. I imagine chemically they are still active for roughly the claimed amount of time in our bodies even if you can't perceive it.

I think many of us believe our meds. have stopped working when we begin to feel it wearing off.

I find it very very difficult to tell how long my adderall or Dex. are effective. That seems to vary by the day. Anxiety, stress, poor sleeping and eating habits have so much to do with it for me.

When I feel good my med. works great. When I am under a lot stress no dose seems to be effective. Anxiety and stress battle my medication everyday for control of my brain.