View Full Version : Ritalin for adhd with Cymbalta for depression, anyone on it?

08-15-14, 01:20 PM
Trying here to seek out others on this combination. If someone is, could you please share your experience?
At the moment i am on 60mg Cymbalta and 30mg Ritalin, for me on this dossage i am doing really well. But when Ritalin starts to wear off i cant relax at all, or sleep. Tried to go off Cymbalta but my depression was coming back so i started it again. It also stops the bad comedowns from Ritalin for me once it wear off.

09-17-14, 08:25 PM
I'm pretty new to Ritalin but I take cymbalta 60 mg as well. Mine if for nerve pain so I can't say how it is really. Ritalin IR 10 mg 3 x day is what I am on now and in the morning I am ok with focus but by noon I'm tired. If I get moving and active I'm ok and can focus but since I teach college I am fine while teaching but when it's time to sit at my desk I need a nap.

I wonder if the cymbalta is partially to blame?

12-15-14, 04:08 PM
I take 90 mg cymbalta with 100 mg ritalin a day. Dont worry its a good combination:)