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08-15-14, 11:31 PM
Hello again everyone,
My 7 year old boy has always run into kids, elbowed them, pushed them, simply to annoy them or because he thinks it's funny. He has been told for years and years don't do it, it's wrong, it hurts people, yadda yadda... He doesn't care less.
We have made tremendous advances with his thinking of other peoples feelings, taking his turn, saying sorry and all the rest. This seams to be something he just doesn't want to give up.
Just wondering is it just him, does anyone else have this problem and what did you do to make it stop? Thank you.

08-16-14, 12:16 AM
He is 7 years old, of course he thinks it's funny. Don't worry, he won't still be doing it when he's 30. :)

08-16-14, 12:29 AM
Does he evern bump into door frames or tables or other objects? Is he somewhat clumsy? Some kids don't have a good sense of their position in space...

08-16-14, 01:10 AM
When I was younger I loved rough and tumble play.

I still do, but my back hates it.

I didn't like sports that I could not tackle, rough around, as much.

Do you have football, hockey or lacrosse or something he might like, for his age group.

I probably hurt people unintentionally, and got my own bell rung more than a few times.

Sometimes I was to immature to know that I was hurting others til after the fact.


08-16-14, 08:04 AM
My son doesn't elbow, but does love to find a way to touch and grab others and invade their personal space. It gets him in trouble more than anything else and results in big headaches for us at times. I believe children with ADHD are "tactile" learners, meaning they need to touch to get information. Society today doesn't have much tolerance for this especially where I live. In a different culture, it prob wouldn't even be an issue if you get what I mean, they'd just be considered active kids and would be allowed to hug or grab each other on occasion. My son has gotten much better, but if he's off his meds to long will revert back to the behavior.

08-17-14, 06:50 AM
Thank you everyone for replying, I really am grateful.
He is a bit awkward, he is very tall for his age and quite stocky. I've been wondering if he does bump into people to get a 'bump' feeling for himself, not solely to bump into another person to annoy THEM, all day now!!! That really does make sense!!

08-20-14, 03:05 PM
My son (also 7) does this too. He also pokes, hugs, and generally touches too much. It's a sensory thing for him, he's very athletic and coordinated so not a clumsy issue. His teachers have been good about separating him at school and it does seem to be getting better with age. He never hurts anyone, he's just touchy.

08-20-14, 07:00 PM
My son dd this as well at the same age and it stopped. He is still more touchy than his peers but it isnt causing him any problems.

Hang in there. This too shall pass.

08-23-14, 09:04 PM
My 6 old does this. He has sensory processing disorder with his ADHD. He is a huge sensory seeker and has problems with space awareness. OT helped a lot but when his meds wear off the sensory stuff comes back in full force.

08-23-14, 09:16 PM
tsk tsk

Not that I'VE ever done anything like that as an adult ? :rolleyes: :yes:

u r welcome :cool:

08-30-14, 07:23 PM
Can confirm I still do this at 25 ....... I lack discipline
I'm do you say it......into rough housing

09-03-14, 07:02 PM
I could see myself doing that(well before the Parkinson's!):lol: Now If I do that, it's really not on purpose. :)

10-08-14, 08:10 AM
I think it is normal for a 7-year old to be physical. Honestly, I do not think it is done deliberately.

10-08-14, 01:51 PM
My autistic granddaughter didn't do this with other kids, but she was always hanging on her mother and wanting attention when mom was working on the computer (on line business).

We wrote her a social story ( "personal bubbles" so she would understand how everyone likes to have personal space around them and likes to be asked before being hugged - or hit.

10-09-14, 02:25 PM
I purposely annoyed people when I was young. I liked the response and attention. Even if it was negative. I mostly annoyed adults because I had no fear of consequence. So if a care giver was mean or strict I made sure to go out of my way to make their life a living he**.

As a caregiver I make sure to keep this type of child as close to me as possible as to avoid these incidents. Then when there was success I made a big deal out of it and really praising the child for not touching others and for keeping his hands to himself.

The other thing I would try to do was give them power. Make them feel important. Line leader, door closer, whatever can make them feel proud and keep them in the positive.

As a kid, my caregivers attention was always negative to the point where I got use to it and it became my label! So I accepted the label and the negative attention.
(almost like I was on stage performing)

Change that label and you change that child!

Good luck. I wish good things for you!

10-09-14, 04:35 PM
My DS doesn't do this specific behaviour, but he does do others that I would consider to be appropriate for a younger child but not a 7 year old.

I am contemplating whether the fact that some ADHD children behave younger than others is to blame, and that although medication and/or behavioural therapy and modification has addressed some of the more pressing issues (focus, ability to sit still) there are still areas where he will need more time to mature and learn.

Just a thought. Not saying it isn't something to be concerned about but he has made great advances elsewhere. Perhaps it will just take more time for this?