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08-17-14, 12:37 AM
So a very nice user wrote me back about her experience with wellbutri today, and i thought id attach me e-mail to her, as i need all the help i can get. First my apologies, im typing on a cell phone, so errors will be a somewhat common occurrence. In advance, much love to anyone who can share their words of wisdom with me. I'm getting really frustrated with my hmo`s psych dept. Additionally, i read through this once and i know i sound a bit manic, but i assure you bipolarity is not one of my florid diagnoses. Thanks again y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When it comes to my experiencewith wellbutrin, the most troubling (and confusing) aspect seems to be how it makes me feel of either one of two moods, ridiculously care-free and happy or cranky/irritable. I was on it for the better part of a year but just this last month started questioning the efficacy of it. Sometimes i feel a boost in my mood and disposition, but other times i feel like i have zero patience witg what life dishes me. So (irresponsibly) i started skipping doses, trying a bunch of supplements and re-trying 10mg of aderral i had from a script a year ago. After one pill of adderal everythinf came undone. Don't get me wrong, the Adderal seems to do what its supposed to to me (i get very calm to the point of sleeeeepy). The troyble is i can not stand the wear off affects; ive decided that for my temperment i just cant handle the highs and los. Then, later that same night i took the Adderall i stopped sleeping, and my sleep has been jacked up since. It was 10 days before i ever got a single, solitary wink of sleep. Was in the er twice for fear that i was starting to hallucinate and just wanted some professional assistance on the sleep issue. They gave me trazadon twice to no avail, along with reconmending that i try itc stuff like benedryl. Ive spent $400 on herbal/alternative remedies and nothings worked. The closest ive gotten was with a propritary blend of theanine, a little lemon balm, a nd a little american ginseng, + a typical dose of relora; actually made me feel a little "stoned," as from cannibus. I'd LOVE to know if anyone's ever had a similar experienc there. My regular psychiatrist wont give benzodiazepines and has increased my dose of lunesta twice, but its not working. 5Htp lets me get maybe 2 1/2 hours, but thats about it. I have noticed some fairly decent benefits from Sam e, but am afraid to take too much as ive read it can cause insomnia. What have i got to lose though really, im already not sleeping as it is, so maybe ill try that tonight. Straight up tryptophan does nothing, but make my bodycalm. Additionally, i started back up on wwellbutrintoday (one 150 mg SR at 2:00) today, so now im crossing my fingers that that doesnt keep me up. So much of what i think my problem is though is the add. I just cant focus ling enough when im lying there to say to myself, "okay self, you are now going to cross over into sleep." Its so subtle and yet i feel completely incable of saddling up anywhere near there. Did the wellbutrin sometimes make you alternatively giddy and irritable?

08-17-14, 12:44 AM
Did the wellbutrin sometimes make you alternatively giddy and irritable?

yes, i eventually had a long lasting manic episode from it

I'm often emotionally numb though, so i wonder if for me it let my real emotions out ,

08-21-14, 08:37 AM
Have you ever tried Concerta?
Not as strong as Adderall.
I don't mind Wellbutrin but all the things you get I get.
I think routine is important.
I know you have a difficult time but do you have an off switch.