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08-19-14, 05:19 PM

Strattera is VERY GOOD & therapeutically at night time.


Take Strattera 40mg & Melatonin 3mg (7:30PM)
9:30PM, drink a hot cocoa and eat a bar of dark chocolate 80%+
Hop into bed and get nice and cozy
Then put on some nice music. (listen via headphones)

And just then relaxing and make myself nice and smooth/calm.
Listing to the music is truly magical, the Strattera & Melatonin really help relax & get cozy during the night time/in bed.

Here's the thing: Of course, I myself have to 'apply myself' to that 'set and setting', as in I too still must accept the Strattera & Melatonin, and make sure I do just relax myself. As in, you must apply yourself with the Strattera & Melatonin.

And at night in bed after taking Strattera & Melatonin , and eating dark chocolate listing to music, is truly magical.

Like, the Strattera & Melatonin just puts you to sleep smooth and easy, BUT the music with Strattera & Melatonin in bed, is like this new level, it creates more feelings of magically & spiritually , it makes these feelings, these beautiful magical feelings, that like on this earth, we are more connected and love. And then at the music peak, we are love, we are all one love,

At one stage with the music, I could truly feel this love magic spread, like we're all together on this earth, and somewhere up in some part in the head, these magical love colorful light thing, because weather it sounds weird or not, MY opinion and side view is, that we are truly love, everyone of us, its like ALL OF US, WE'RE on this earth with this love, all of us, and we feel the love, we're all connected on this magical earth with love every every second, its like from everywhere on the earth, there's love from everyone, and it connects to all, and we all share the magical love, we are one and we are all love, we are all this [[ love ]]

Most of all, music really is more of the magical feelings and all that. (music does not act always, but when happy music does its so happy

Now, please take into fact that the last bit of info there was more fun, and came out nice listing to music :giggle:.


+ Includes:
- Fish Oil Nordic Naturals
- Melatonin

There's a secrete word in this post. Who will find the word and win the prize?

08-29-14, 03:47 PM

Sorry, but I just want to say that well in my experience:
- If Strattera is going to be used, then at a low dosage.
- If at very least 25mg+ of Strattera,then another ADHD medication should be combined with the Strattera. (this is very important. Strattera should not be really a medication by it self of course depending on the case,etc)
- Strattera can be really good for sleep and relaxation , BUT it really depends on what situation you are in. Like Strattera's only mentally good for sleep if you want to get to sleep or have a quick nap. Strattera is very relaxing.

- *Note: When I first started Strattera, after a couple of weeks I took Strattera at bed time, but in the morning, its of course 24 hours effects, BUT I went to nicotine (also I have very very none to little tolerance of nicotine), but anyway the Strattera made the effects of nicotine dull and boring. And well ,of course even before the nicotine I felt dull and boring from the Strattera.

- It really all depends, Strattera can be good, but it can be bad too.

08-30-14, 11:03 PM
OK, well I just want to say that? ??? ,,, anyway Strattera is some interesting interesting stuff (from experience), well, if we're talking the science here, and you drink with Strattera for example it's effects but of course mainly from the drinking are very interesting indeed. Well like, as of now with drink + Strattera =

But Strattera by it self promotes and wants and gives strict and wanting sleep/go to bed.

And overall, its all really interesting. ok

ok. k . k. .