View Full Version : Lexapro +Wellbutrin vs. Cymbalta / Effexor

08-20-14, 09:32 AM
I am currently on Lexapro. I have been on it for 3 months now. It doesn't seem to help at all against depression,anxiety,ocd.

I have not yet tried a SNRI. But I tried Wellbutrin in the past. Wellbutrin alone also didn't work for me.

What do you think, how much sense would it make to try adding Wellbutrin?
Or would this not make much sense since Lexapro alone also doesn't seem to work?

Or how much sense would it make to try a SNRI when SSRI alone and wellbutrin alone didn't work either?

Simply adding Wellbutrin to Lexapro would of course be easier and I already know wellbutrin. But I dont know if Lex + Wellbutrin can be compared to a real SNRI.

08-20-14, 08:44 PM
I would try a different SSRI at a higher dose needed for OCD. Lexapro is not recommended at higher doses because of prolonging the QTc Interval (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in the United Kingdom).

09-04-14, 06:02 PM
I could try a different ssri. But there are only zoloft and prozac left. Paxil is too scary because of the withdrawal problems which many people have. Zoloft also has a pretty long list of possible side effects.

09-04-14, 11:33 PM
I have taken both zoloft and prozac. All of these medications will have some side effects. It is really a matter of trial and error to see which one works the best for you. I needed to take at least 60 mg of prozac to see benefits with OCD, so don't get discouraged.

09-05-14, 04:28 PM
i once read a sertraline leaflet and the side effects list was crazy!
it had pretty much everything you can imagine even things like cancer.
it simply said that you can get cancer, not even which cancer!!
this was way too scary for me.

i dont know if prozac has as many side effects as sertraline but if a drug has such a long list then i dont dare to take it.

09-06-14, 05:05 AM
Cymbalta works best for me and its an SNRI. I'm bipolar and SSRI's never worked for me.

09-24-14, 03:55 AM
I never tried cymbalta. I was offered effexor but I was too scared of it. I wonder if cymbalta can be compared to ssri + wellbutrin. Damn, I wish I had more time to try out different drugs. I should have gotten into antidepressants earlier.