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08-20-14, 03:51 PM
I've been researching into the SSRE called Stablon (or Tianeptine) and it's been shown to have some promise in helping with depression that previous medications didn't effect. I'm considering giving it a try as opposed to continuing with using the various SSRI (most of which have negative effects that outweigh the positive benefits).

Wondering if anyone here has used it or heard about it?

08-20-14, 07:46 PM
Yes, I've used it in the past with great success and I just started taking it again to reverse some side effects brought on by Prozac which I took for 5 months. Tianeptine has to be taken on an empty stomach, 3 times a day.

At first it's activating which feels incredible after having your emotions subdued by SSRIs. I actually felt like doing things again. Then it mellows you out - but in a good way. Like you don't feel overwhelmed by stress and all. Also, my libido is slowly coming back and I'm not feeling as weak anymore.

I highly recommend it especially for people who already tried all the SSRI/SNRI drugs. The only negative is the's not on subscription in the US. The FDA never heard of it...but you can buy it online from EU. The cost is about $25 for 30 tablets which is for 10 days. So for a month the price would be $75.....a bit too much

08-25-14, 01:23 AM
I am conducting research with rats using Tianeptine. First, let me clear up some misconceptions. The FDA is very much aware of this drug. It has not been approved yet for the treatment of major depression, depressed bipolar disorder and dysthymia in the Unites States. That is likely to change. It is approved and prescribed regularly in Europe.

There are off-label uses for this drug your physician might explore to acquire the drug. I am not saying it will work, only that it might be worth investigating. Numerous studies have explored the potential for use in other disease and disorders due to the novel neurochemical profile. Tianeptine has been investigated for the potential efficacy in treating asthma, irritable bowel syndrome and most recently opiod-related respiratory distress.

I believe Tianeptine is an outstanding treatment for depression - fewer side effects, more immediate changes, very low addiction risk and an improved prognosis for some. Although the drug is classified as an SSR it does not work the same way other antidepressants do. Typically these drugs affect molecules (like Seretonin) in the brain that moderate or regulate glutamate (an excititory molecule). This is very important because research is trending against what was generally accepted. If so, this will be the first in a line of new and improved treatments. Tianeptine works in a different way than classic SSRs do.

I am not a doctor and so I caution you to seek the advice of a medical doctor regardless of who gives you advice on-line. Best of luck and feel free to email me with questions.

08-25-14, 10:02 PM
Tianeptine is the answer I have been searching for over 10 years. I've been through the gauntlet of antidepressants with only side effects and blunted emotions to be found. I recently discovered this secretive antidepressant and have been getting it here in the US in "supplement form".

Calmthenerves has a good deal and is where I get it. Hope more people find out about Tianeptine as it could help so many....


08-28-14, 12:58 PM
I've been looking at Smart Drugs for Thought's ( Tianeptine and the information they have about it on their site. Judging from what I've read here, and else where online I'm going to go ahead and order me some to try today.

09-03-14, 11:58 PM
Tianeptine has helped me tremendously. I tolerate it very well, unlike many of the SSRIs I was once prescribed. It also works really well for stress and mood swings.

It fascinates me how little modern psychiatry actually understands about disorders of the mood and mind because here we have a drug that does the exact opposite thing as the SSRIs and is nothing short of remarkable.

The FDA is in no hurry to approve Tianeptine despite our best interests. There is little profit and cheap generic Tianeptine could actually hurt sales of newer brand-name medications.

Anyhow, do let us know how it goes with it!

09-08-14, 03:03 PM
Tianeptine arrived on friday and I started taking them right away. I noticed that I didn't have any of the negative side effects that I was used to when taking Trazodone/Thorazine/Xanax/etc, yet I still got the positive benefits I was looking for in terms of mood and relaxation.

It even helped me fall a sleep a little more easily over the weekend. Definitely would recommend trying some Tianeptine if you haven't already.

06-12-15, 03:54 PM
The only negative is the's not on subscription in the US. The FDA never heard of it...but you can buy it online from EU. The cost is about $25 for 30 tablets which is for 10 days. So for a month the price would be $75.....a bit too much

I tried it. While it's supposed to work on AMPA and NMDA receptors, subjectively, it gave me a serotonin feeling of warmth, but I didn't like what it did to my sexual prowess. And after three hours I experienced a distinct crash and felt irritable. If you are worried about the price, buy as powder.