View Full Version : disrespectful defiance from my sweet 10 yo son

08-21-14, 11:09 AM
Wow, this crap sucks. My kid and I are super close. I'm so accustomed to him being like this with his sisters but he's never really blatantly interrupted, talked back to or brazenly disrespected me. Of course, We're constantly parenting them all it get along, tolerate, love, have empathy, ect. ect. Lots of "how would it feel if...." Type questions which usually helps with siblings.

He has really gone into high gear this week. He's stressing about school starting but it's turning him into a jerk suddenly.

I've gotta get a handle on this, quick!

Little Missy
08-21-14, 11:20 AM
I would make it clear that his behaviour absolutely will not be tolerated. Period.

08-21-14, 12:06 PM soon as his concerta kicked in, he came and politely knocked on my bedroom door and asked if he could hang out on my bed while I was getting ready. He sat and read his baseball book to me.

It's weird because I used to always give more weight to his innatentivness. Nowadays, I'm realizing how much his ADD impacts impulsivity and inappropriate behavior.