View Full Version : Any Filofax/planner addicts here?

08-22-14, 12:29 AM
Well besides me that is.

I have always used planners as a bible before I even knew I had ADHD. Now that I have ADHD I upgraded to a Filofax because it is a 3 ring binder pretty much and holds more information and it is very customizable. Not to mention it has folders/tabs and it is the ultimate at "not forgetting", "planning" and "jotting down info". Except if you forget the planner at home....

I love making lists and they all go in my Filo.

Am I alone here with the planner/sticky note obsession?


11-25-15, 03:51 PM
I have been partial to accordion folders. clipping and unclipping things in a 3 ring binder is a stuff tended to get tossed in and then would promptly fall out.

I still have somewhere a little cloth accordion folder that my folks got for me in middle school. I lost the thing so frequently that my dear mom actually attached a spool of thread to it...and then attached that to my rolling backpack(little wonder I was bullied-those backpacks are so lame! haha). So if by offchance I forgot the binder it would be attached to the backpack. Unfortunately some kid in the locker room thought it was cool and ripped it off and I did not feel like fighting him over it because it was pretty embarrassing anyway.

Now keeping the tabs organized is still a problem...and dumping it out and finding all sorts of pencils and the like is like going to an archaeology dig. I have tried a couple just plastic ones and didn't like them.

11-25-15, 10:07 PM
oh my goodness I think I need to find out what this is
thank you for this post!! lol