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08-22-14, 01:30 AM
I kinda erased my phone number and email off of my facebook. . .i thought it was the viewed by others part,but seems i needed that to log into my facebook. . .am desperate to get back on there,as have some serious issues to deal with on there,please can some one point me in the right direction as to how to fix this problem. . .where to go what to do?

08-22-14, 03:47 AM
you probably need your email but definitely not your phone number. However you can change your privacy settings so that no one can see your email address. You can also change your settings so that no one, except eg your friends, can see your fb page or even look for you.

just go to settings and then privacy, security or something like that.

08-22-14, 09:38 AM
I cant log into to facebook fuzzy. . .i deleted my number and email for it to recognise me,its not the viewing one that i canceled. ..its on the security page,i'm an idiot. . .i really need that facebook back on,its my only source for contacting people. . .i need help on this one :(

08-22-14, 09:42 AM
Hey sweets, I'm going to try to find an answer got this but it's possible you'll have towke a new account there :^(

I think I can still see you on it though and it's been hard for others I know to cancel their account so I really think there must be some way. I'll ask at day programme today as I know people there are into it doing groups and **** even.

08-22-14, 09:45 AM
How about just contacting Facebook staff? They'll know what to do.

08-22-14, 10:17 AM

This got sorted and he's back on. I'm sure he appreciates the replies x

08-22-14, 10:53 PM
i did do i thank u all x

08-22-14, 10:55 PM
Did you fix it for me peri?