View Full Version : Monday, 7.12.98

08-22-14, 02:18 AM
"My dearest and most beautiful diary,

I know, that this is the first entry ( diary nr 9, my last...), but I think, we can skip the intros and get right to the point. Oh hey, I love to live and I love to love. As long as I can sit in the sun and feel her warmth on my skin, life is worth living.

I don't understand how my friends can think life is boring. Even when nothing special is happening just to breathe, think and feel is so interesting. I wish I could give this life, this world, my sun a tight hug and show my love.

There is so much to write. Nothing amazing, just trivialities but i love trivialities. I love leading a trivial, meaningless life with trivial, meaningless issues."