View Full Version : Aspie moment: Why wouldn't someone want to understand depression?

08-23-14, 01:21 AM
I always thought in order for people to understand and accept depression (or any mental illness) as a serious disorder they had to learn about the chemical imbalances and what they do to a person's way of thinking.

But then I met someone who had a few friends whom he lost to suicide who didn't think he needed to understand it. Now, for starters I have a difficult time feeling empathy for suicide survivors and don't even feel for the people who will miss me. I know they'll miss me but there's something blocking me truly reaching those emotions. It could be my meds, it could be my autism, my ADHD, or bipolar.

A lot of people seemed to agree with with him and I even got called condescending. I'm more confused about it more than anything. I'm trying to view it as a learning experience but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be learning from it.

What I'm sensing here is that people do have thoughts and feelings different to mine, I'm just having difficulty rationalising them.

One thing this guy said that could have really set me off if I wasn't on meds is that people should be allowed to express an opinion even if it is to criticise those that commit suicide. I don't agree with that. Especially when high profile names are doing the criticising. Their fans could be influenced by them and take on their own opinion. As someone who does their own advocacy for mental illness I just can't stop proving those people wrong. Like literally, once I get an idea to write about something in my head I must write it or all probably become anxious, depressed, even moodier and just not feel right with myself until I write it all out.

08-23-14, 01:25 AM
It may be your friend is depressed and would rather hide from it than face it.