View Full Version : Strattera?

08-23-14, 07:37 PM
Hi all,
I started Strattera 10 mg a week & a half ago. I just increased to 20mg. Side effects have been minimal. Sleepy/foggy. But now I have a headache. Will these symptoms get better? Anyone else pro Strattera? I was on it years ago & loved it but came off because of headaches. At that time I was taking Effexor & thought that contribute to the headaches. I wanted to try it again. I did not have any headaches on 10mg.

Any thoughts? Do most adults like Strattera? I'm new to the forum.

08-24-14, 11:58 AM
I can only speak for myself. I like strattera, but I have some issues with out of sync ejaculation. I may or may not ask for a change of meds depending on what doc says on issue. Worried it's affecting my prostate potentially. I started at 40, went to 60 after a week. Then to 80 (40 bid), then to 100 by week 6 (60 morning, 40 evening). Probably going to go to straight 100mg morning when my mixed dosage runs out. IF this issue I have is not prostate related.

I also take guanfacine for adhd and citalopram for anxiety/OCD. But I am feeling the citalopram is not as effective as it originally was and I want to ask for that to be changed.