View Full Version : Disaster barely avoided (whew!)

08-27-14, 02:56 AM
My oxycodone for chronic pain just up and disappeared (why is it always the one that's the hardest to replace that gets lost?), and it was just refilled like yesterday. After tearing apart my apartment, I finally found it in the laundry bag knotted up with a comforter.

You all think Adderall is hard to get filled? Try oxycodone!

08-27-14, 06:28 AM
glad it turned up. :)

08-27-14, 10:14 AM
Scary stuff ... I know, my granddaughter lost her new refill of meds last week.

Her mom said she would buy a weekly pill box and fill it Sunday evening when she fills little sister's weekly box.

So that if she loses the bottle again she won't lose all of her meds.

I've been doing the same thing for several years now - on Sunday morning I fill my box with both prescriptions
and the supplements/vitamins I take.

The bottles go into a zip-bag and that goes into my ready kit
(change of clothing and such in case we have to run to the storm shelter).