View Full Version : Ritalin and dehydration

08-27-14, 02:48 PM
I recently started taking methylphenidate 20mg 3x's a day. First off, it only seems to last about 3 hours. Then I get light headed and anxious, and 3 doses does not get me thru the day. I have also noticed that I have to pee every 15 mins, regardless of how much I drink. I always feel dehydrated. I'm also an exerciser. Yesterday, after a 2 mile walk and 15 mins on the bike, I was so sweaty and dripping I looked like I just got out of a pool. This has never happened before. Then I got lightheaded and dizzy and very sick to my stomach. I felt as tho if I could throw up id feel better.

This type of severe heat exhaustion has never happened to me before and I was curious if anyone had any advice or a similar experience.