View Full Version : Ok I need a straight answer- L-tyrosine: when to take it?

08-27-14, 03:23 PM
I hurt my brain reading tons of crap online about how its good to take L-tyrosine before you take your adderall in the am (really?) and how its bad to take it at all and it will kill you, and how its also garbage and does nothing.....I do believe that taking supplements to help balance out my chemistry is a wise choice: I've been taking 400 mg chelated magnesium every night for 2 years and I sleep like a baby- thanks to the advice from these message boards!

So when should I take my L-tyrosine? I take 30mg of adderall XR every am and a boosted of 10mg IR around 1:30, 2pm after XR has completely worn off. IR is done working by 6:30 or 7pm for the most part, or so my husband tells me ;)

08-28-14, 05:14 AM
There's no straight answer because there are no studies that prove l-tyrosine even works for ADHD or that it interacts with any medication. So you'll only get anecdotal evidence. Personally, I took tyrosine (without any other medication) and it didn't do anything. But there's no risk if you try. It can't kill you, unless you have a severe allergy to one of the ingredients of the pill you're taking.

According to wikipedia:

In dopaminergic cells in the brain (, tyrosine is converted to l ( by the enzyme ( tyrosine hydroxylase ( (TH). TH is the rate-limiting enzyme ( involved in the synthesis of the neurotransmitter ( dopamine ( Dopamine can then be converted into the catecholamines ( norepinephrine ( (noradrenaline) and epinephrine ( (adrenaline).

The adderall already increases the dopamine and norepinephrine in your brain so you need to ask yourself if you want to increase it even more. If you feel adderall is not enough, then you can try tyrosine supplements.

Unlike magnesium, which is a necessary mineral lots of people lack in their diets, tyrosine supplements aren't needed and won't balance out your chemistry. In my opinion, compared to adderall, it's completely redundant, but, again, I doubt you'll have side-effects.

08-28-14, 10:27 AM
Ok thank you! This is kind of what I suspected. I took my afternoon IR soon after taking my L-Tyrosine once and felt just...not I wont do that again. I actually DO think my adderall dose works just great, I was under the impression that taking L-tyrosine supplements helps build up depleted stuff that long-term adderall usage can deplete, if thats NOT proven to be the case than I am just not going to take it anymore and thats one less pill I have to deal with! :)