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08-29-14, 10:33 AM
-- Observation --
Tried EVOO [fat] before exercise - asthma attack
Try oats [carbs] before exercise - asthma attack

Digest -> PNS (rest/digest) activation

Treatment of asthma (well known) = SNS agonist / PNS antagonist.

Treatment of asthma - derive energy from ketosis through use of fat deposits.
Don't eat.

Asthma's yet another metabolic disorder tied into the current diabesity epidemic - synonymous with 'Thrifty gene' hypothesis - where all that's different is that we're predisposed to laying down and using fat.

Increased blood glucose sensitivity - preference for ketone metabolism (steady blood glucose) - don't like anything that alters our blood glucose levels.
ADHD = central nervous consequences of blood glucose variation - preference for using ketones - we're (sensitive) all over the place under psych distress and physical (sweets etc) distress.


T2D -- Thrifty gene hypothesis shift to ketone (fasting/exercise) metabolism (fat as fuel)
Diabetes -- Thrifty gene hypothesis shift to ketone (fasting/exercise) metabolism (fat as fuel)
Asthma -- Thrifty gene hypothesis shift to ketone (fasting/exercise) metabolism (fat as fuel)
ADHD -- Thrifty gene hypothesis shift to ketone (fasting/exercise) metabolism (fat as fuel)

Just 1 basic underlying process - emergence of a metabolic type predisposed to laying down and using fat ... ... we just don't ever get round to using it in an environment of distress (psych + physical).

08-29-14, 10:45 AM
Just fat optimised - the newly emergent property of man favouring survival ... ... lovely irony that just as we developed food on tap (I know only in bits of the world) - but we lost our appetite.

08-29-14, 10:51 AM
of course cancer,autoimmune,alzheimers,ALS,hypertension etc also

08-29-14, 11:26 AM
So -
from the top.

Emergence of man.
Travel out of Africa - population growth.
Virulence ie exponential growth - humans as virus/locust.
Primitive reward mechanism - growth - blood glucose elevation.
Formation of mind (Einstein's generation sees through reality).
Human population growth reverses (in areas - in the world soon).
Human migration pattern reverses (back to the sun! back to the garden!).

Key part is that dominant reward system (blood glucose elevation / growth) determined by position on the human population growth curve.

We shift from 'increasing' population growth (capitalism/consumerism) paradigm to being happy (altered metabolic fuel - the primitive reward mechanism is geared into blood glucose elevation)

- we shift from the reward system of human population growth to the reward system of human population reduction or quality.

Informational quality.
Eating little - ketosis ? low GI veggies + MUFA - easy to lay down fat - then use.

Not sure if gut biome are happy in ketosis alone or whether ketosis is best supported with veggie soluble fibre - sounds right though - natural veggies + CP veggie oils + fasting + long distance running ?

08-29-14, 11:39 AM
So - the reward system is a population level property ie we're united as 'happy' capitalists in growth phase and then as 'happy' quality of life seekers in the death phase of the human population curve.
No apocalypse - just a natural process of population reversal.

--- Observation ---

plus Food - overpoweringly sleepy
minus food - can't fall asleep

Makes perfect sense with the eating -> asthma theory as PNS = REST and digest.

08-29-14, 12:15 PM
ADD informational quality reward system (blood glucose steady / ketone (fat) optimised)

in nonADD world

nonADD reward system = blood glucose elevation

-> leads -> distress ie blood glucose fluctuation in

blood glucose steady defined ADD informational quality reward system (blood glucose steady / ketone (fat) optimised)


Simply ADHD is a beneficial change (metabolic eff) in a challenging environment (distressing)
- leads to - disease/disorder.

Can't force a reward system which isn't by species definition.
If you don't gain reward from engaging in certain behaviours then you can't do them.

ADDers can't engage in behaviours which're immoral because it doesn't make sense.
ADHD is just a stress reaction which disrupts thought - is just a stress reaction which demands stress relief (blood glucose elevators) which disrupts thought.

08-29-14, 12:34 PM
I think that optimal/maximised human longevity can be ensured by ensuring man remains at an unswerving blood glucose concentration - and that everytime we increase it - we 'speed' our demise ie we do operate quicker - but the extra burst we obtain is paid for in much the same way that a candle burns brighter and faster if we pour an 'accelerator' like petrol over it.

So standard aerobic respiration - ketone (fat) with glucose supercharging the system - yes - extra energy like a turbo boost - but you pay for it.

The tortoise and not the hare.

08-29-14, 12:43 PM

vegan ketosis [through fasting / endurance exercise]



Standard vegan will be faster but the cost will be that the candle itself burns faster.

Not really worth the trade-off.

08-29-14, 12:50 PM
That's it.

Scientists have identified a novel mechanism by which a type of low-carb, low-calorie diet -- called a "ketogenic diet" -- could delay the effects of aging. This fundamental discovery reveals how such a diet could slow the aging process

Blood glucose elevation ages us.

Edit - the paper covers a different mechanism to the one I'm looking at.

08-29-14, 12:59 PM
I think that blood glucose elevation is a fire accelerant on fat/ketone metabolism (burning) which hastens our (candle) demise.

08-29-14, 01:03 PM
"Fat burns in the flame of carbohydrate"

Like a fire accelerant to a candle.

08-29-14, 01:07 PM
--- Summarising ---

Human physiology

For optimal health - chilled out 1, moral 2, creative 3, endurance exercising 4, fasting 5, vegan (see biome) ketosis diet promoting 6 organisms.

moral 2 -> society -> people chilled out 1 (as not psychologically distressed) being creative 3 (gotta' do something with your time) - maintaining stable blood glucose / biome through vegan ketosis diet 6 (the most efficient diet for the planet to support) - enforcing ketosis through endurance exercising 4 and fasting 5 in the sun (keeping basal metabolic rate up).

Cure to all major diseases including infectious (preventative measures can be introduced in a moral society)


-1- Appetite suppression by sun
-2- Absence of disease in endurance sports Tarahumara people
-3- Nobody retires to the cold
-4- Fasting effectively shown to result in resistance to all diseases and to extend life

08-29-14, 01:24 PM
But that is just pretty much the Mount Athos lifestyle - a population in which diseases are rare and long lives are lived.

It's ALL environmental.

Pursuit of the wrong reward system.

Atopy has exploded in the last 30 years. It's not a genetic disease because your genes don't change that fast.