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08-29-14, 03:48 PM
Hey everyone,

I've started taking concerta 36 mg for a few days now, and I can't really say I'm noticing anything.

It's like the positive effects (and side-effects) are really really subtle. I (very subtly) notice I look more around me instead of staying in my head and creating scenarios, and I also get less sucked into stuff to the point that I forget about the world around me and I can focus a bit more. But it's still a bit messy in my head.

I've tried ritalin (10 mg) 2 times in the past which had way less subtle effects, I got calmer, more organized in my head and could focus better and I really noticed that.

So what should I do/want?

I don't really want to get a higher dose of concerta but the idea of taking ritalin 2-3 times a day is not appealing as well.

Or should I try this out a bit longer to see whether it helps me out in life?

08-31-14, 05:43 AM
For me i get this feeling as well, that the drug isnt working but the truth is, it is, concerta for me doesnt give me much motivation(there is some).

What is really good at is keeping me on task, if i go to library and start studying normally 5 hours will go by and ill do 30 min of actual studying, because my mind is all over the place, i get so distracted, and when studying i get angry, and in general cant focus.

I started 18 went up to 63 (12 day trial) and then told my doctor 63 worked the best, and i asked him to give me a 36 in the afternoon cause drug wears off at around 6, but that was mainly my bad, cause the drug stays in my system for a solid 10 hour. Also higher dosage will screw have bad side affects (i had very high heart beat), so i actually take 36mg now and im trying to find the best dosage for me by myself.

If you are worried about the affects start a tast FIRST and you will see that you will finish it without thinking about anything else and finishing that tast will make you happy and makes you want to do more tast the next day, trust me i do 9 hours of studying without thinking about ANYTHING, just start a task and see how it goes.
P.S sorry this is too long