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08-31-14, 02:33 AM
Alright. So...officially diagnosed with ADD-PI a week or so ago. Doesn't really change much - I just get a leg up in school (which I honestly feel all students should have if they choose it). Apparently, taking away my processing speed and memory (which are terrible), I'm in the 94th percentile IQ-wise. Great. I'm smart, my mind is not stimulated easily but when it is - watch out.
I'm having a hard time connecting with people on this board. I mean - being ADD is cool. I get bored easily, yes. I can't remember everything but WHO CARES. I have a deep reservoir of empathy, I have a really strong visual-spatial ability and I look at the world in a creative way. Why do I hear of people ****ting all over themselves? Hmm. I'm just saying. You are all WONDERFUL people - think of your ADD as a beautiful challenge to be embraced - not a bear which needs to be tackled and restrained.
What helps me:
1) Meditation
2) Listen to my intuition - not my impulses (based on selfawareness developed through meditation)
3) Choose a direction in life
4) Keep going and enjoy the challenge!
Life is not easy for ANYONE and if they say it is then it's probably not a life worth living or they are LYING.

10-28-14, 10:49 AM
So I take it you got diagnosed but weren't given any medication to help? Or you just chose not to medicate?

Could you talk a little bit more about not being able to connect with people on this forum? I'd think these people would be your peeps?

10-28-14, 11:21 AM
Jimmy status : officially rustled

10-28-14, 12:01 PM
It's great that you have such a positive outlook on life despite your ADD. Our conditions and shortcomings certainly don't define the sum of who we are as individuals and it's probably far better to focus on the positives as you seem to be doing.

To answer your question though, people's individual situations will vary greatly (symptoms as well as circumstances), so what to some may be a mere difference in cognition with all it's ups and downs can for others be the tipping point in struggling to stay positive in the first place. As I understand it's quite common for adults living with ADD to have a lower self-worth than their otherwise neurotypical peers.

10-29-14, 07:40 AM
Congratulations on the diagnosis! Knowing exactly what you're dealing with is incredibly liberating and it points you in the direction of this forum - which is important shoulder to lean on...

From my experience, the diagnosis was actually quiet a relief - the anger and grief only started when I realised how debilitating the disorder would be in the workplace a few years later and how medication only partially fixed the inattention.

Luckily, you have the time to do work experience and create strategies that will work for you.

I'm going to wish you a friendly, but cautionary good luck

10-29-14, 08:36 AM
So you are a brilliant and easy going individual. Keep going and enjoy the challenge. I genuinely wish you all the best. :)

I'm unfortunately neither so I will continue ****ting all over myself because talking about how much ADHD sucks with people who understand is one of the things that help me to tackle and restrain this bear of mine. :)

10-29-14, 09:10 AM
I been here for years and hardly connected with anyone, my own fault of course. Honestly, when it comes to people;connecting, and socializing; i always look at the ultimate or final best outcome. So for women its how can i get in your pants and for men its what can you do to enhance my life. My mind is too fast and decisive for beating around the bush and being trivial.

As far as keeping a positive attitude and embracing life/challenges- Yeah i brought that same energy here for a longtime and had difficulty understanding why i felt better than the whole of this community yet suffered the same conditions. What i learned is that w/e condition you might have, depression is always stapled on to it. If you dont feel good, someone telling you to feel better isnt going to help. Thats why i just shat the fck up after a while with the whole "u can do it" happy talk. People go through tough times and this is a good place to release that energy. I know when i feel like a turd, the last thing i want to hear is someone telling me its not that bad or live life to the fullest.

Youre likely similar to me, cept im older now. You have anxiety fueling you and making you take action, even pep talking yourself in your mind telling yourself you can control what you feel and how to be better. You manipulate your own mind am i right? Its always interesting to see that add'er who has lots of energy and streaks of feelgoodness. I am fueled by my anxiety so its hard for me to be down or in a rut for long. Without my anxiety, i believe i would just be depressed. It is its own stimulant. -rant off.

10-30-14, 08:10 AM
I find it difficult connecting with people too. Not just on this forum, but life in general. I sometimes wonder if I'm mildly autistic. I don't seem to fully understand normal human interaction (especially in groups). I do seem to do better one to one however but am not great at small talk. Anyway good post, nice to see you're doing well after your diagnosis.

11-02-14, 08:34 AM
I understand that some people need to find positives in their diagnosis and if that works then thats cool. For me I can't embrace my"gift" of adhd or look on the sunny side. The devastation that I have experienced and caused is to great. BUT that doesn't mean that I am a pessimist or walk around saying"woa is me I have adhd" or that I can f++k everyone over and say" hey kiss my as+! Woops I have adhd". I still have to relate to other people. I have plenty of compassion and understanding for myself and others but I can't see adhd as a personality quirk,gift,blessing,joy,unique trait,or some kind of creative godsend because adhd is defined my impairment which has drastically altered the way I live my life.