View Full Version : The Importance of the Pasta on the Left

09-02-14, 12:13 PM
I loved this little story of a mother and son shopping in Target - with both trying to meet each other's needs in the middle.

My daughter took her two girls shopping at the mall yesterday. The youngest has autism and got bored while her sister was shopping for bras. She asked if she could go next door to the make up shop. Mommy let her go while she told oldest daughter where to find them.

When Mommy got there she saw the youngest wandering all around, touching things, completely ignoring the shop clerk who was speaking to her gently, asking if she wanted to try on some make up, apparently not frustrated by being ignored.

Mommy explained that the youngest has autism, and the shop clerk responded "I know."

Turns out she has worked as a part time para for special education classes and really did know how to recognize the signs of autism and how to talk to autistic kids without triggering a meltdown. Bless. Her. Heart. :yes:

09-07-14, 10:26 PM
My son is on the spectrum and this story really warmed my heart!