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09-02-14, 11:20 PM
Anyone ever get this? It's awesome. I described my episodes to my old shrink and he described it as hypomania.. as opposed to full manic episodes, and in both cases i was told people often have an onset of depression afterwards.. but I don't seem to get that. So.. he said I show signs of bipolar without the full spectrum enough to 'be' bipolar.

Really I wish I could be hypomanic whenever i wanted.. it's like a high. rapid onset insane energy rush, euphoria, singing loudly to my favorite songs.. etc. it happens to me randomly.. lasts a few hours. :D

09-03-14, 12:23 AM
frack yea!

Sorry to hear only some hours, as I go for about 3 days to slightly over a week.

Lately it has been happening in synch with these supermoons, but I don't pretend to know if that magnetik is the cause or not.

09-03-14, 12:35 AM
there's nothing better i know than hypomania. It doesn't make up for depression and it happens rarely enough but still, there's just nothing better..or if there is, i haven't experienced it.

09-10-14, 03:25 PM
I'm sure it probably seems like i'm being Politically Correct in this response, but i'm not trying to be.

I guess for me, I don't like the positive hypomania. I actually prefer the depression over it. The main reason is that I can't focus when i'm hypomanic but I can focus when i'm depressed.

The other side of it, is that I feel fake when i'm hypomanic because I know that it's going to end and I then have to answer the question of "what happens next?" I also feel a great loss of control over myself and my life.

I guess my reaction is partly based on being raised by my mom whom is also bipolar. For her, the future never existed. If she felt great now, then why worry about bills or money. That sort of scared the crap out of me and made me future focused.

I think for most bipolar people, they just want a little solitude from the depression. When they get it, they enjoy it fully. I understand that, but there is something special about not being hypomanic or depressed where I feel like I earned each moment and it wasn't given to me.

I get to actually enjoy things I should enjoy but not feel over the top, or larger than life.

I guess, knowing that my friends are real, my desires are real, my life is real, is all i've ever really wanted. I just want to know, how I really feel about life and what's real.

09-21-14, 03:05 PM
I regularly rely on what might be termed "hypomania" to get things done.

I am able to create the 'hypomanic' state using a form of sleep deprivation--also called 'wake therapy'. Lately, for me -- a partial night of sleep deprivation is preferable--"Late-Partial Sleep Deprivation" as the research calls it. Sometimes, a Full night of Sleep Deprivation (Total Sleep Deprivation, or 'TSD').

I think its a bit gray as to what constitutes hypomania versus just "euthymia", but in my case there is extremely minimal downside to the 'hypomanic' state. Socially and at work, there is a downside if and only if I don't control the impulsivity. But after doing it a handful of times, I learned to turn on the mental filters to be careful what I say or do. For example, drafting emails for review the next day before sending, or drafting conversation scripts for the next day to ensure I still feel like they don't sound too crazy.

I posted a lot more information about this in my thread started a couple of years ago, here:

09-21-14, 09:06 PM
I'm a little confused as what constitute hypomania...

As I can be silly... hve ebbs and flows... I think ive had mild ones for a long long time....

Anyone have a clear way to differentiate?

09-21-14, 11:00 PM
Mania for me is a wired feeling, like overstimualted on stimulants without being on them and I just don't stop running around and rush to complete 12 different things. There's more aniety than what I feel with hypomania which in pos state = 0.

Hypomania (positive) is just this constantly happy state. Everything in the world is beautiful and even bad news can be shrugged off as 'it'll be ok mate.' People can even insult me and I'll ignore it with ease. To me is a slowed down form of mania. I'm impulsive and my poor bank account cops a beating. I'm positive about the future, and the present and past mistakes are of no concern to me. I never feel like it will end.

In other words is like being a happy drunk.

I still get surprised when I become manic. It lasts under a week and ends in utter exhaustion if I don't cycle into depression.

09-21-14, 11:13 PM
I have no personal experience with it, but it's well known that simple hypomania (when viewed out of context) is a positive and useful experience for a lot of people. It's only when you remember "what it costs" (i.e. it doesn't generally show up alone, but brings the other bipolar symptoms with it) that you have a clear perspective on it.