View Full Version : My parents do not think I have ADHD with diagnosis

09-05-14, 12:18 AM
First, let me state I have been diagnosed with ADHd. So school has started, and so has my parents yelling. They are yelling at me when I stay up late to do homework, and say its just because I didnt sleep well, but I did. Then they ask me whats my problem over and over again, but they know very well, they just refuse to believe. I tried talking to them, but they say it's just one doctors opinion. I really don't want to fail my classes, or be bothered by my parents. Please help.

09-05-14, 04:12 AM
How old are you?

09-05-14, 01:39 PM
You haven't given much in the way of information as to your age and circumstances such as whether or not another diagnosis has ever been given, or what other medication you've been or are currently, if any.

But with what you've said... if they say it's ONE doctor's opinion... get TWO doctors to assess your symptoms.

Was it a family doctor who originally diagnosed you or was it a psychiatrist?

I'd be shocked if your parents refused to believe a psychiatrist.

If a family doctor (GP) diagnosed you, ask them to refer you to a psychiatrist who can confirm the diagnosis and then it is up to your parents to support and accept that.

Just because your parents shrug it off and don't take your concerns seriously does not mean that you are without options.

I'm also curious as to your age and circumstances.

I feel as though any good parent would look into a diagnosis as opposed to just shrugging it off...