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09-06-14, 09:25 AM
Since this is a add forum feel free to skip the history part and go straight to the question : )


During the last two years or so three doctors thought I showed clear signs of ADHD but I never went through a proper evaluation due to living in Europe where there are long waiting times and uncertainty about treatment etc., especially when you are an adult. I have also been moving around a lot and dislike doctors after some awful experiences, which didn't help in getting treatment.

So I started taking street amphetamines but after 8 months of continuous and relatively controlled use when it came to dose, eating etc. (considering its street amphetamines). I found myself upping the dosages and losing control so I took a break for 3 months during which I lost my business as I wasn't able to concentrate and lacked motivation only to resume in order to get my life back, this time limiting my dose to 60mg(various purity) taken 4-5 times a week with longer breaks when possible.

After 4 months of use I finally decided I will do everything I can and spend everything I have on private doctors so that I can get a proper diagnosis and medication.


I have now gone through a proper evaluation and received my diagnosis with a starting dose of 18mg Concerta. Knowing how doctors can react to a history of drug use I never told my doctor about taking amphetamines so I'm wondering if/and for how long I should take a break between stopping the amphetamines and starting concerta?

Also, I have now been off amphetamines for 10 days so I'm over the excessive sleeping and eating but have very low motivation and poor concentration which I'm trying to combat with workout and healthy eating.

I know you are not trained professionals and so on... but any advise would be highly appreciated, thank you.

Little Missy
09-06-14, 12:02 PM
Start your Rx ASAP and begin your life correctly and legally and settle into a prescribed way of life to combat your needs. It works.

09-07-14, 07:18 AM
Medication management is always better then doing it yourself.

09-23-14, 04:26 AM
Thank you for your answers, I agree having your medication and condition managed is a lot better than doing it yourself unfortunately the Concerta is not really doing it for me but that's another topic.