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09-07-14, 01:47 PM
My roommate brought home a pit bull, she is caring for a friend who is unable.

I've never lived with any dog before.

And I got to admit I was really nervous around him.

Because he is really fast and strong.

In my spare time I am learning about the seven complex unconditioned emotional response systems, originating in my brain stem.

These seven systems are always capitalized, so we know they are the real raw basic emotional systems, that originate in the brain stem.

SEEKING System, FEAR System, RAGE System, LUST System, CARE system, PANIC/GRIEF system, PLAY System

Which all dogs and all humans and all other mammals have.

I thought I better learn more about dogs and look up Temple Grandin.

What Dogs Need: PLAY and SEEKING

Dog fears and aggression can be hard to figure out sometimes, but dog joy isn't.

Just about anyone who's lived with a dog knows what dogs like.

In terms of the core emotions, dogs need:

-social contact so their PANIC system doesn't get activated

-games and play with their owners to activate the SEEKING system

-interesting things to do--especially long walks--that arouse their SEEKING system

-Grandin/Johnson, "Animals Make Us Human", Chapter "A Dog's Life", P 64.

This advice/information is working very well.

The dog is so happy.

Everyone is so happy.

I really love this dog.

I also can't help but notice all of specific information in Temple Grandin's quote above, also works really well when considering ADHD.

I've often noticed how much SB_UK and other members love their dogs and other animals.

I am wondering if the lack of cognitive connection, is promoting affective connection/therapy?

Has anyone else experienced the joy of a friendship/ADHD therapy, with other animals?


09-07-14, 02:10 PM
my orwell is a registered companion animal/assistance dog, but not for adhd (though in my city if your mental or physical healthcare provider writes a letter saying that your pet is part of your treatment plan, then it could conceivably be for adhd ... but i've not heard of that happening/don't know anyone with for that reason, or that reason alone).

i would be absolutely lost without him and it scares the **** out of me that he's ten.

even when i'm in the hospital m will bring him to visit and probably more than anything else he makes me feel better. i've also done volunteer work with him and the change in people when they meet my dog is obvious and huge. they just hug him and it's like watching how he makes me feel.

09-08-14, 03:21 PM
dogs are the best thing ever.

The last girl I talked to spontaneously volunteered that all she wanted was an animal, something green to look at through her window and a real fire place.

I don't think people want much.