View Full Version : Ritalin IR or Ritalin LA

09-07-14, 10:17 PM
Hey everyone, debating whether to ask my doctor for Ritalin LA/Concerta.
Currently on Ritalin 20mg twice a day which seems great but only lasts 2 1/2 hours then by the third hour i can feel the slight comedown.
Im fine with what im on being that i can control my dosages but after 3 hours of taking the pill, its like i program myself psychologically that i cant focus.
Im just tired of worrying about taking the second dose or when it wears off.

Though, i hear ritalin LA goes away fast and only lasts 4 hours.
I was once on Adderal XR and had the exact same problem.
So im worried if i go on ritalin LA itll be the same and ill have no control on the dosages and have to wait a month before getting the IR again.

Any thoughts?

09-07-14, 11:08 PM
I'm taking Concerta at the moment.
As a general rule it does last longer than the LA.
The comedowns could be a bit worse.
I'm thinking of trying the LA myself

09-08-14, 12:12 AM
When I talk about worse comedown I mean Long Acting.
Still looking for nil comedown

09-08-14, 03:53 AM
I experienced similar issues with Ritalin. For whatever reason I seemed to never get more than a few hours out of each dose. Ritalin LA may work better but for me it still wasn't perfect.

09-08-14, 09:26 AM
The thing is that im okay on my dose it just goes away fast, and i hear lot of negative things with concerta.