View Full Version : Isochronic Tones for studying

09-08-14, 05:14 PM
Have any of you listened to study music or isochronic tones to help you focus and memorize study material? What do you think of it?

09-19-14, 03:22 PM
Yes!! I don't know if what I have listened to would be called "isochronic" but I always listen to that kind of stuff while I study. It helps me so much.

I definitely can't listen to music while I study and if I am in the library I am always bothered by random shuffling and people moving around and stuff like that. I mean even the buzzing of a light overhead will drive me crazy. So, having the tonal "brainwave" music has really helped me a lot.

Steve Halpern is a good artist who has lots of like "Theta Brain Wave" albums.
There are also a couple of good playlists on Youtube. If you search for "Brainwave Entrainment" a lot of good tracks come up.

Hope that's helpful!

09-21-14, 05:48 PM
I haven't but I wish I would've known about when in nursing school!

10-02-14, 10:13 PM
I've been using it for a while. About a year and a half ago I discovered it, but it wasn't until this semester I plugged back into it while reading and studying. What I notice most is how deeply I get into the reading and how I am able to filter out what would normally distract the hell out of me!

What kinds do you listen to? Some that I have listened to state that it's best to use ear buds (in the correct L and R ear) for full benefit, but I'm not sure I notice anything from that.

I typically go for the isochronic beats for studying or concentration/memory. I also have found that soft classical music is fantastic for studying as well.

10-02-14, 10:15 PM
I haven't but I wish I would've known about when in nursing school!

HAHA! This just made me laugh.. I completely understand! This just completely made my day!