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09-08-14, 06:43 PM
Put a flatlander on a paper. Sees 2 dimensions. The concrete ones. Matter. But he can't see above or underneath.
Now put a second flatlander next to him. We witness the 3d movement of him ascending on the paper where the flatlander only sees a magical apparition.
Curve the paper for both. Where we witness their path walking in loops they just think their walking a flat line in ignorance. We see what's actually happening.

Is this what's happening to us ? Limited to 4d ?

Time is a dimension. The 4th. Higher Intelligence can be aware of it. In relative amounts, thereby already stating the instability and relatively (and stretchability) of the matter. Consciousness. And it varies. It curves, stretches and freezes depending on brain activity. Because this D is a feeling. An awareness. A sensation. Hence, need intelligence to percieve it.

Combine 3d and 4d and we get 5d. Wormhole. Technically impossible as exceeding lightspeed is impossible due to the few (but existing) atoms causing friction and preventing it. It's an experience. Can't feel it, it can only *happen*. And it does, in places in the universe where time the rules break and time n space breaks. In order to invent, you have to break the rules right ?

So what's the sixth ? We know there are 11d's. 26 if you count string theory. If these prove parallel universes accesible through wormholes, can we say the creation of this universe is comparable to a pot of boiling water ? Every bubble is a universe ? Can we say that, considering the amount of dimensions that exceed our senses, that the thing that contains our universe (you cannot eternally have a space withing a space because there is no extend so it HAS to be something else) is not a 3 dimensional area but our universe is another 'closet' of a multi dimensional 'cupboard' ? Still not explaining what fuels 'creation' or the cycle of beginning and ending. But is this universe just 1% of a multi dimensional complex that doesn't even come close to our comprehension, thereby containing things more fascinating thatn *life* ?

Back to the flatlander. Because if we are spinning the 3d invisible wheel of th 2d flatlander, who, what is spinning our 4d wheel ? WIthing 11 dimensions, the universe being only visible in a miserable 3, I think much, most of it is hidden. Therefor, as the consciousness of the 4d (time) is variable among life forms and individuals, I think 'access' to higher dimensions might explain ghosts or miracles. Only a theory

Anyone heard of the dead cat switch principle ? YOu're dead and alive at the same time. Fascnating ?

The universe... it's.... SO.... MASSIVELY TITANICALLY TYRANNICALLY ... small... in the end ? Imagine... what else there might be... just imagine, imagine how indescribably unimaginable it might be...

09-09-14, 04:26 AM
Just parameterized a curve by time and drew it on a white board. Take that fourth dimension! I can see you by a first order approximation!

Lol thought I'd throw some math in here ;)

09-09-14, 04:30 AM
It's unlimited - we can only percive a fraction of the worlds surrounding us!

09-09-14, 01:07 PM
Ok why so few ? Didn't it sound logic ? Too chaotic ?