View Full Version : Strattera and gas

09-08-14, 10:55 PM
Ok so this is embarrassing but I need input. I started straterra about 4-5 months ago, everything was going fine. Recently I have started to fart alot. It is not what I am eating, I am eating healthy Oatmeal, vegatables and drink 6 glasses of water every day, no soda or milk. I do eat meats but nothing a 25 year old wouldn't eat. I never had this kind of farting go on until about the 5th month of Strattera. The days I don't take it I'm be fine without any farting pinching Cabin logs like clock work but when I am on the meds it WILL NOT STOP and I am constantly constipated. I am taking gas pills constantly but its not doing much. What the HELL? has anyone experienced this kind of problem taking strattera. It was a problem when I was taking Concerta and was eating nothing but Progressive soup and drink water as usual. I DO NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM WHEN I WOULD GO DAYS WITHOUT THE MEDICATION AND I WASN"T CONSTIPATED so its not my diet. . I really don't want to read jokes or anything but constructive advice, this isn't really funny at all.