View Full Version : A few questions post my first dose of Effexor XR...

09-10-14, 03:37 AM
Well I am posting at 3:27 am because my pharmacist advised me to take my first dose of Effexor XR 37.5 mg after dinner. I took it around 8 and what followed was 2 hours of nausea, followed by some restlessness akin to my normal ADHD symptoms EXCEPT I took my medication today (Adderall XR) and I would normally sleep like a log since Adderall greatly improves my ability to fall asleep and STAY asleep.

My doctor even gave me Lorazapam 1-2 mg in case I have trouble with adjusting or insomnia... They didn't do a thing.

I took 1 mg at 10pm and another .5 at 2 am and I think its safe to say they are useless.

Benzodiazepines never really knock me on my butt to begin with.

Safe to say, tomorrow I will be taking it around lunch and hopefully won't end up awake like this again...

Funny how my stimulant kinda sedates me a little, and now the anti-depressant + sedative is keeping me awake... wth?

Any thoughts on how to approach tomorrow?

I take Adderall XR during the day but now I am worried it will be too much...

I feel fine overall. Just irritatingly awake. Not gonna continue with the lorazepam... I think it's pretty useless.

Any similar experiences or advice for timing the dose?