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09-10-14, 09:04 AM
I am trying to come up with a subject of content viewers would pay to see.

So I came up with the idea to criticize national commercials and corporations for their ethics and core values. With corporations considered people and the minimum wage here being so low, and other crap, I thought it would be a good subject to blog/Tumble/comment on.

So, if that would be something that you would want to read, let me know. I would love to take on a project like this and I have had some positive feedback on it.

The only thing is I would not have a lot of options when it came to ads on the actual blog because, well, wouldn't be fair to the message I'm portraying, so it would be kinda an NPR/PBS deal.

09-11-14, 07:07 PM
Why is advertising bad? I think it'd be futile to isolate your self as another shame/blame blogger, slinging dirt from the trough.

If your goal is to have influence then why not credit those companies that are ethical, treat their employees well and pay them fairly.

Telling people corporations are unethical is like telling them oil is bad for the environment. Most people already know about such things but are unsure what to do.
For example,
If you told me to buy an electric car to save the environment or else im a terrible person then all your doing is alienating yourself and your opinion from the common good.

but, if you told me what dealerships sell electric cars for less and how affordable it is, while securing advertisers of electric cars, then doesn't everyone win?

To be more relevant, if you want to get rid of corporations like Wal-Mart then find a better business model. My example would be Costco. They pay their employees a fair wage and have a more successful business model. Providing awareness that paying your employees more, equals better profits would be something more interesting and attractive to people.

It would perhaps open the eyes of larger corporations, if you could show that their interests and our interests can co exist and thrive.

The means of positive public press and factual arguments of the benefits of ethical behavior is the way to get stuff done.

In my opinion anyways