View Full Version : Foods to help ADHD symptoms?

09-12-14, 01:17 AM
I've read somewhere that with kids, you don't want to give them red and yellow dyed foods...or something like that. Are there any foods to eat or to avoid that will help curb adhd symptoms. I hope this makes sense. It's after 1am and I've been staring at my pc for WAY too long.

09-12-14, 03:17 AM
I don't know about the food dyes; but I just feel way better with a more balanced diet without too many processed foods.
(that is next to impossible - but now I think almost half of what I eat is "real". )

09-12-14, 06:14 AM
You can definitely improve all the areas of your functioning with the proper diet.

But there are no clear cut standard answers here. If you go this route you are going to have to become your own personal nutritionist.

There is so much food out there to buy that is only food in name but is in fact of very low nutritional value and riddled with toxins and other substances we really do not want to put in our bodies. It is a minefield to try sorting that all out.

Little Missy
09-12-14, 06:52 AM
I do not eat any pre-made or processed foods of any kind. Because of past high blood pressure I have given up any and all salt in my diet. No sugar of any kind, no white flours, and all I eat is fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and hard boiled eggs. I know, sounds like a big bore but it works. I will only eat grass fed beef, easy to get in Wyoming, and fresh unprocessed chicken occasionally when I crave it.

I make all of my foods ahead of time and use alot of diffferent types of dried beans, lentils, etc. for soups that I freeze and eat when it gets cold outside.

I have no idea if it helps or alleviates my ADD but I do not have any blood pressure problems nor weight issues.

09-12-14, 08:12 AM
fish, walnuts, eggs (I always feel more alert if I start my day with eggs)

09-12-14, 11:02 AM
Thanks everyone. Being a 2 parent working family that's constantly on the go..we eat WAY too much processed food and I'm going to be weaning us all off of it. I think I will up the protein, fresh fruit and veggies (the kids will just LOVE that LOL). We have 6 laying hens that give us approximately 24-30 eggs a week, so there's no shortage on fresh eggs....I just have to learn to love fresh eggs instead of bland store bought eggs. LOL Processed is SO much cheaper, but I really need to start eating better, and so does my family. :)