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09-12-14, 09:01 AM
Carbs are rubbish - they can't even sustain us for a marathon.
Fat is amazing - it can keep us going for so much longer than carbs via ketone bodies.

If you were an intelligent creator you would try and discard carbs and encourage fat usage.

This is possible (Inuit) and a vegan equivalent is easy to imagine.

Olives aplenty !!!

Yes but I really don't fancy living on fat ?
Well - you could just eat whatever you want and then stop eating.

No - I don't want to stop eating ?
Well - you could do several hours of endurance exercise a day and shift into ketosis that way.

No - I don't want to be a vegan, don't want to eat fat, don't want to calorically restrict, don't want to fast, don't want to do endurance exercise !!

Well - I'm not too sure that we can help you then.

Materialist biology is just a collection of lots of chemical reactions - we don't get to define what optimises chemistry by power of thought.

Why oh Why do Homernoids dream of electric doughnuts ?

Anabolic until Complete (mind).
-- The human metamorphic cycle.

09-12-14, 09:58 AM
What's there to be said about fatty fat fat ?

People put it on and don't ever get around to using it.

Why - principally ?

Because (di)stress triggers desire to consume 50:50 carb/fat mixtures leads to ther perfect conditions for insulin mediated fat deposition.

Distressed out people are forever building stores and not using them.

What causes this human distress ?

Why equal societies do better

Scrap money.