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09-14-14, 12:34 PM
I've been prescribed 20mg adderall IR once a day for 10 days now. The first few days I felt great (not just the high) but it wore off 5 hours after & so two of those days I took an extra 10mg and it helped for the rest of the day. I went to the doctor a week after I was prescribed and told him that it wears off fairly quickly but I didn't mention that I took an extra dose those days. He told me to do some research on if my insurance covers an XR and he said to give him a call for a prescription for either an XR (his first option) or to write a new prescription to take 20mg twice a day (which I feel like would help the most). But my insurance makes it a hassle to get anything other than adderall IR & the rep I talked to on the phone said the best thing to do in regards to my insurance policy is to get 30 40mg IR and cut it in half (the pharmacy can call a number to do a 'therapy override' for the new script).
-I'll be calling the doctor (not an appointment) for the new script tomorrow but I'm worried he'll ask for my bottle and see that I've taken more than prescribed for a couple days. Should I be worried even though it's not an appointment?
-I realize I messed up by taking more and I know it won't happen again. But will he void the script if he sees the amount in the bottle isn't what should be there?

Thanks guys!

09-17-14, 04:30 AM
Well there shouldn't be a reason your doctor would want to see how much medication you have left unless you have given him reason to doubt you. Regarding the Iraq, ir only lasts about 4 hours so if you need all day coverage you would need at least another may be helpful to consider multiple smaller doses throughout the day.

11-17-14, 11:15 PM
You should never take more than you were prescribed, but, that having been said, if you're just starting out I'm sure your doctor will understand a little tinkering around, just so long as you don't go into dangerous territory, which you don't appear to have done.