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09-14-14, 09:27 PM
Really dry.
Horribly dry.
That's what I get from Strattera in addition to some ability to focus and a calmer attitude about what I need to do. I'm drinking so much water, I'll float away.

Any suggestions about how to make it go away?

Little Missy
09-15-14, 03:47 AM
I absolutely deplore dry mouth. I fooled about with different meds and brands until the right mix alleviated it. You might need to go Sherlock on it.

09-15-14, 04:13 PM
Well it might be helped if I were not on Wellbutrin, too. My p-doc has talked about taking me off that if we see if Strattera is really helping.

My dentist is going to yell at me! :rolleyes:

09-15-14, 05:41 PM
I'm on Strattera too and the dry mouth hit me BAD the first few days...Water didn't help either. It's not so bad now. I'm just not feeling any better or able to focus any better after being on it a week.

09-15-14, 07:27 PM
not from taking strattera, because i haven't, but i have dealt with dry mouth and things with xylitol (hard candies, gum, though i stick with candies, because for me gum=gross) help. there's also biotene products. water won't actually alleviate dry mouth, even if you just sip it constantly. it is important to stay hydrated though so not saying "stop drinking water" or anything.

anyway, with stuff that i have found that helps (which were recommended to me, i didn't figure it out on my own or anything): you can google how to get both. most pharmacies in the states with have something biotene over the counter and for candies with xylitol, there's a dr ___website, a dentist, his are good and they work well and they come in the mail if you're a mail order fan. i think they're made more for diabetics and to prevent tooth decay, but xylitol is good for decreasing dry mouth, too. if it's bad already, like, "you're-getting-sores" level bad, then you might try biotene rinse or spray first. there's also a gum, which is crap in my opinion.

caution: xylitol is EXTREMELY toxic to cats and dogs, so you must keep it away from them if you go that route.

take care

10-06-14, 11:46 PM
Thank you, peripatetic! Someone I know recommended Biotene spray and tried that, but I like the gel better--it's longer lasting and feels more food like. I wish it wasn't so expensive.
But I may be getting used to the dry mouth now. Well, a little.
I'm glad it's sugar-free and I think I can tolerate xylitol--some sugar alcohols wreak havoc with my digestive tract. But I do need to stay away from sugar.

10-07-14, 01:45 AM
Lol sometimes i get dry mouth so bad my tounge swells up... then it sounds like I'm on drugs :X

As a matter of fact, its a little like that right now.