View Full Version : List of tricks to stay organized

09-15-14, 02:49 PM
So here is a list of ways that has helped me.
1) The hip-pack: There are seven poc s with zippers. Each pocket contains one critical item. Pocket #1 carries my daily to list. #2 pocket toothbrush and toothpaste #3 notebook and 2 pens #4 hat and glasses #5 my Samsung Galaxy 4S . #5 aux cellphone #6 battery charge pack #7 Galaxy Gear 2 (if it isn't on my wrist).

For each zipper the item has to be touched and felt, before zipping the pocket fully. Upon zipping the pocket fully, I say a short phrase, telling me the pocket has been zipped. For pocket#1, I say (Today I will do this, this and that) #2 I will remain aware of how I look to orhers #3 I continue to monitor my brains activities and the activities that it is most optimized for #4 (Same as #3 except, should know % cpu/ % ram usage battery level #5
#6 My battery is charged, I last ate at x o'clock. #7 I am ready for the quick changes that can happen quickly.

My calendar : is a large blank, white poster on my door. The left most column is for my scheduled non-weeklys, these are one-time scheduled events. I tend to really beat

myself up everytime I forget to go to my scheduled appointments. I still have aot of trauma