View Full Version : Ritalin LA and depressed mood

09-16-14, 08:04 AM
I just started taking 30 mg from 20 mg today, I should mention that I drank coffee before the meds kicked in (I usually had coffee before my 20 mg cause I didn't really feel it when it kicked in). Once 30 mg kicked in I felt good and optimistic but then after about 15 min. I became very irritable and depressed about all the things I could worry about. People started to annoy me and I just wanted to crawl under a rock to be left alone. I'm feeling much more calm now after 4 hours, but still a bit bumped out by how fast the meds can ruin my optimistic mood.

Can coffee and ritalin make you feel that way?

Could it be that I do have depression?

before I started on Ritalin LA I was very tired mentally and had a negative view on almost everything, which didn't leave me with much happiness.

09-16-14, 09:42 AM
Also why am I feeling great for the first 15 minutes and then suddenly it's all wrong and negative? I've tried the same thing a while back when my doctor had me try 40 mg LA. It's like I'm chrashing 3 hours too early.

Feel so *******' hopeless and my doctor who diagnosed me yesterday seemed so busy, got an apointment no sooner than next year!!