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09-20-14, 03:41 AM
Doing something which brings personal reward (autonomy, mastery, purpose)
Working collaboratively and not competitively (though see 'purpose' which generally relates to autonomy, mastery, morality)
Feeding our gut bacteria (generate our neurotransmitters - a biggy) (though see 'mastery' ie optimization of physiology)
Community with all things (plants and animals included) (though see 'purpose')
Moving (ie feeling comfortable in the body) (though see 'mastery' of one's own physiology)
Learning something you want to know (though see 'autonomy')
Personal quality (though see 'mastery' eg in an instrument)
Art (a computer game, listening to music)
Generating something lasting of worth (though see 'purpose')

09-20-14, 03:43 AM

11. Avoiding distress - but that's really just being forced to do the opposite of whatever's on this list
12. New experiences - be they real (visiting an interesting place) or virtual (visiting an interesting place)
13. Not being burdened ie loadsa' stuff that you have to look after, imprisonment in insurance contracts, looking after poorly constructed things which WILL break no matter how much glue you buy
14. Technological innovation - though see art
15. Connection (always on communication with all people) - though see Technological innovation
16. Care - ie in all things caring about the consequences of one's actions in relationship to people, animals, furniture and discarding the throwaway principle which economics/consumerism/capitalism/materialism forces us into.

09-20-14, 03:56 AM
So far - just looks like we've a direct competition between hierarchical social structure and flat social structure which expresses itself as people making things worse for all others/all future generations versus making things better for all others and future generations.

Once again - it all comes down to - what is your motivation ? and that comes down to what brings you reward ?

IE whatever brings you reward will be whatever you're motivated to.

And we have 2 reward systems which're in effect selfishness (money) versus pro-social behaviour (quality)
- and the world is thrust (via economic system) into the selfish reward system

- whereas ADDers to the rescue ... ... in a way ... ... because we don't obtain any reward in that form of social structure, become stressed, can't concentrate, become diseased and then FINALLY realise that the problem lies in pretty much every aspect of society

- that we've a toxic society and only through changing it - can we (society) support the choice of an individual away from selfish goals into social goals

- and the simplest way of achieving this 'd be to turn the compulsion of money in a global monetary based economy into the freedom of voluntaryism in a global resource based economy

ie you don't do anything unless it brings you reward.

What'd then happen is ?
People would do nothing.
People would get bored.
People would organize.
People would do something [actually] worthwhile.

Little Missy
09-20-14, 05:17 AM

09-20-14, 06:04 AM

is purpose mastery meets morality gives way to wisdom ?

Becoming good at doing something worthwhile until the urge 'to do' is lost.

Life'd be so much easier if we could just sit in a sun drenched garden, but then along comes the snake on a tree of knowledge of good and evil
- and beckoning you to eat growth foods ie sugar we are until we know the difference between good and evil ie we're free to sit in the sun drenched garden when we know right from wrong.

09-20-14, 02:29 PM
What do we need to have a positive mental attitude ?

Sustainable not addictive reward.

what is the sustainable reward system ?

mirror neurones of the reward system ie reflected happiness ie only happy if you actually make someone else happy ... ...