View Full Version : Any Pre-Health science majors here?

09-20-14, 03:46 PM
My major is Biology and I'm at UC Berkeley, currently a 3rd year transfer student (but I'm not of traditional age--I've had a few detours and bumps down the road). I want to pursue a career in dentistry so I still have quite a lot of school ahead of me.

I've been having trouble getting myself to start my work because I've been so anxious about the amount of work that I have to do.

I just wanted to know if there were any others suffering in the same boat as me as far as school is concerned.

What is your major? What is your year in school and/or age? What's the hardest thing for you in terms of getting your work done, and what have you done to cope? (And just out of curiosity, what is your intended career in the future?)

09-21-14, 05:42 PM
I just graduated from nursing school and passed boards and I'm in my 40's. I wasn't diagnosed when I took A&P I and II, Biology or Microbiology so it was very rough! I had accommodations in the Math pre-requisites and some parts of nursing school. Taking Concerta for ADHD and Zoloft for Depression and Anxiety helped so much!

"They" say that the reason people can't start something is fear of failure. I read a good book on procrastination that delved into this. "If you don't start it, you can't screw it up" kind of subconscious thought process. I agree with this. Meds helped me with this and finding at least 1 study partner who you really trust and are similar to but different enough that your individual issues don't hinder the other.

I found a wonderful friend in my nursing program and I couldn't have done it without her and she feels the same about me. Her ADHD was worse than mine but she had better study habits than me which helped me be more prepared when I knew we were going to study together, I'm a visual learner and she's an auditory learner so we would be able to catch different things in lecture/lab/clinical and reinforce it with the other.

Good luck!!!!!