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09-20-14, 05:06 PM
Is anybody on a combo of a Bipolar med/AD/stimulant? I have a hard time with meds because I'm anxious, add, ocd, bipolar and Borderline Personality. Different meds make different behaviours worse. Any suggestions? What are you on.

09-22-14, 04:37 AM
I am bipolar II. I take cymbalta,lamictal,geodon and adderall.

10-25-14, 08:01 PM
I'm some kind of bipolar, my doctor wasn't too clear about that one actually. I take 150mgs of lamictal a day and 20mgs of latuda split into two doses daily.

I was taking 80mgs of dextro amphetamine a day for adhd but I switched to Adderall for cost savings. My doc increased the dose to what he considered equivalent which was 120mgs a day, with an extra 30 to take at 2am or so when my bed time dose wears off. I take it to sleep mostly and to feel less restless over all. ADHD with an emphasis on the H.

Meds are very subjective, they work for me though, I have stayed at the same adhd med dose for a long time, and the bipolar meds I recently started taking since my diagnosis in december of 2013. It took about 6 months before I found something that helped consistently, and then another 3 months I suppose before It could be determined I was clinically stable. Mainly because the fall season is a big cause of a relapse of symptoms for bipolar individuals like myself.

It took quite a bit of lithium to bring down my mania initially in march. I think a lot of bipolar people get freaked out by lithium, but it doesn't have to be a long term thing. It's mostly used temporarily anyways, from what i've read and heard.

Most bipolar individuals also make the mistake of going onto maintinance meds like lamictal or latuda, without ever getting the mania under control. This can cause frequent problems and only partial treatment or sometimes triggered mania. From what I experienced personally anyways.

Hope that helps, good luck

megan mia
11-15-14, 05:21 AM
my mom used to be but she recoverd i cant rember thename of teh medicane

12-12-14, 05:48 AM
Your mom recovered from bipolar?

my mom used to be but she recoverd i cant rember thename of teh medicane