View Full Version : Starting Dex IR soon, which brand would you recommend?

09-20-14, 10:42 PM
Hello everyone,

I'm starting Dex IR in a few days and I'm trying to figure out which brand would be best to try, because I am relatively sensitive to side effects these days (especially cardiovascular side effects). Any advice would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

09-21-14, 02:48 AM
(by brand I meant generic)

09-22-14, 05:52 AM
I used to take Barr but some people hate it. Btw Teva and Barr are the same company.

09-22-14, 06:05 AM
Only one I can get In uk is Auden Mckenzie but it's actually pretty good p

09-22-14, 06:47 AM
Only one I can get In uk is Auden Mckenzie but it's actually pretty good p

Same here. I take Auden McKenzie's dex and I'm quite happy with that but I've got nothing to compare it too.

09-22-14, 11:59 PM
Hey OP,I've used all four generic manufactures of dextroamphetamine, here is what i've gathered.

Pros:Potent,long lasting,really makes you work. 20mg = 8hrs of work
Cons: Very noticeable Side effects like insomnia(Worse than any other generic),loss of appetite,cold feet and other undesired effects.

Pros:Slow and mild,20mg=4.5hrs of work
Cons: Unpredictable strength, noticeable side effect, but not as bad

Pros: Fast acting, usually kicks in within 20min, big head rush but short effect.20mg=2~3hrs
Cons:Hard to break into 5mg, fast acting=acute side effect(won't last as long as mallingcrodt but definitely a high drop)

Corepharma(Currently taking)
Pros:NO side effects no matter how late or how many I take them.Very smooth ,no head rush,just calm and steady.
Cons:Takes 1hrs to become effective,very subtle effect and barely noticeable most of the time...

Dosage: Mallingcrodt=20mg/Teva=20~40mg/Wilshire=40mg/CorePharma=50+mg

dag nab it
09-23-14, 10:03 AM
Take whichever one you can get. Chain pharmacies generally can order only the brand that their wholesaler uses.

Target (almost a year ago) had Wilshire, Walmart had Mallinckrodt (they previously had Barr), and ShopRite has had Mallinckrodt (spansules and IR). I was fine with the Barr IR and both types of Mallinckrodt.

09-24-14, 12:22 AM
Thank you all for your help. I ended up getting Barr because it didn't seem so bad and I had a hard time finding other generic brands (I called a several pharmacies in my area and they only had Barr). About half the pharmacies I called didn't even seem to have Dex in stock.

I tried half a tablet of Dex 5mg today and it had a mild effect on my ADD symptoms. So far the side effects have been relatively ok. I had mild headache as it was kicking in and the tablet left this weird, bad taste in my mouth. I'm guessing 2.5mg is too low. Does anyone know what would be the equivalent dose of Dex IR (Barr) to Adderall IR (Sandoz) 5mg?

09-28-14, 11:31 PM
Has anyone taken the Actavis extended release spansules? I had taken Barr 10 mg (x5 daily), but my pharmacy switched to these light brown ACTAVIS spansules, with tiny orange balls (inside the capsule). The only marking on it are the numbers 0304.

I'm quite aware of the many who insist that differences in generics that contain the same meds are "all in your head." But there is no better expert on MY body, my brain, and how I feel...than me. And I really think it's different (in a negative way). Anyone else have this situation?

(btw, good luck Jenn1212, and please let us know how the Dex is working. My advice is that you need more mg, but i'm certainly not a physician).