View Full Version : do I have aspd?

09-22-14, 02:49 PM
I have bpd.

Was always disruptive in class.
I have goals in life but can never follow through with them.

My 2 problems are I get bored and impulsive.
I honestly don't want to do the wrong thing and I have lots of good empath friends.

I am instinctively manipulative but that's a borderline thing too.

I admit I have bpd but genuinely worry about being aspd instead of adhd.

Aspd can plan ahead they just don't follow through and get bored.

09-23-14, 02:19 AM
Anyone else here bored and impulsive and amphetamines have helped them.

10-09-14, 09:22 AM
No one, even a doctor, can properly diagnose you over an Internet Forums Board. I suggest you try to find a psychiatrist for an evaluation.

10-10-14, 06:19 AM
ASPD as in antisocial personality disorder? This is the new name for the sociopath/psychopath diagnosis. Do you like to hurt people (physically or mentally) or are you simply indifferent to their suffering? -if not, then you probably don't have this disorder. ASPD doesn't have anything in common with ADHD. ADHD-ers might end up being more aggressive or hurting people because of impulsiveness, but unless they have comorbid ASPD, they aren't happy or indifferent about this.

10-10-14, 12:09 PM
well for starters are you recklessly indifferent or do you seek to harm (what corina said)

you also said you have "lots of good empath friends". do you feel empathy, remorse or guilt?

but talk to a doctor