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09-23-14, 01:21 PM
Ok, so I finally decided to get help and today is my first day taking my medication (concerta) I heard its addictive, not to drink coffee, bad for your heart. Can anyone taking the medication explain the reality of what to expect plsss ??? :)

09-24-14, 09:28 AM
It depends on your body a lot. The prospect lists all of the known side-effects and odds of getting them (common, rare, very rare). Keep in mind that many are written to protect the company from legal liability; it doesn't mean they actually happened to anybody.

Anxiety, lack of sleep, lack of appetite and irritability are common side-effects (at least reported by the forum members).

Coffee and stimulants shouldn't be combined, coffee being a stimulant as well.

It's not really addictive, at least not in the same way alcohol or heroin is- you might build up tolerance slowly, which means you'll have to up your dose a bit. If you want to avoid that, you can take breaks from being medicated once in a while. Or you switch to a new drug if you reach the maximum recommended dose of Concerta.

Withdrawal effects are unpleasant, but not dangerous (you should stop by progressively taking smaller doses until you stop completely - same for all other psychiatric medication).

Bad for your heart- depends. You should go have your heart check before taking it, to make sure you don't already have some genetic condition which might be aggravated. It might cause higher blood pressure or rapid heartbeats, so it's good to get your heart checked once in a while, especially if you feel any cardiac symptoms.

Personally, I get both of these symptoms, but I get them anyway from all sort of other causes (stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, coffee, green tea, eating too fast), so I take a very small dose of a beta-blocker, plus something to help me sleep- I'd be taking these medication even if I weren't on Concerta.

If you experience any side-effects, you should definitely talk to your doctor. But there's no certainty that you will or you won't. If you never had a heart check, you should get one anyway.