View Full Version : how long is adjustment period in concerta?

09-23-14, 06:02 PM
Im feel like its made my symptoms worse today(1st day). Have work tomorrow, dont know what to do. Literally know no other adult with the diagnosis to speak to.

09-23-14, 06:30 PM
It was weird when I first started. I could tell it was working immediately on the first day. I haven't seen it be as significant since, but I forgot to take it twice in a week and I was a disaster. Not because of withdrawal, but because I had gotten used to the improvement and it caused a nervous breakdown when I couldn't do the things that I had gotten used to.

It is different for everyone, I think. But that is my experience.

09-23-14, 07:09 PM
Thanks, maybe I have the wrong diagnosis.....its making me focus less, and feel heavy. Thank u for sharing your experience, gives me a sense of direction of what it should or shouldn't feel like.

09-24-14, 05:33 AM
You should feel more focused and alert.

09-25-14, 05:30 AM
You could have a wrong diagnosis or, more likely, this drug simply isn't working for you.

10-07-14, 10:34 AM
Can you keep us updated with how you get on over the next few days? I'm due to start Concerta myself in the next few weeks and am interested in seeing how other people new to it get on. Thanks and hope it starts to work for you soon!