View Full Version : Migranes/headaches?

09-25-14, 03:51 PM
I started taking Dex a few weeks back, on two 10mg capsules a day.

I've had a cluster of migranes and headaches in that time. And while It's not unusual for me to get a migrane, these seem to come on a short time after I take the Dex.

Anyone else?

Little Missy
09-25-14, 06:13 PM
That happened to me about ten years ago so I switched to Adderall, had my dentist make me a mouth guard and they magically went away the first day I took Adderall. What a relief!

09-27-14, 05:29 AM
Has everything this else been exactly the same except for dexedrine? Do you have migraine medication that you normally take?

09-27-14, 08:03 PM
I've had sporadic migraines in the past, most likely from stress. Never took anything stronger than migraine focused aspirin.

10-03-14, 08:00 PM
Wanted to add that while the migraines have tapered a bit, I'm not getting splitting headaches later in the evening. That's with experimenting with dosages and times taken. The effect really isn't that pronounced, so might have to go back to adderall....

10-04-14, 04:27 AM
Also a member lunacie here I believe suffers from migraines so maybe pm her?

10-14-14, 07:21 AM
I often get headaches in the afternoon. I'm currently on 30mg of dex a day, taken two tablets at a time and three hours apart.
I've found changing my dosage to three tablets, then two, then one (so it tapers off) helped the headaches as it tends to accumulate with me and the 'come down' is what causes most of the headaches (for me anyway).

Also not eating a substantial meal with each dose, and clenching my jaw when I get a little too 'in the zone' can bring on the headaches for me aswell.

Hope this helps a little :)