View Full Version : Taking more than prescribed = Bad effects?

09-25-14, 06:43 PM
1 week back, after 17 years of my false and idiotic diagnosis of 'fatigue', i was finally diagnosed with ADD.

I was prescribed to take 3x 10mg tablets per day with a two hour interval beginning at 8:00am.

I took the tablets as I was prescribed for the first 4 days (intervals varied, although amount remained same) and everything was fine .. I was very happy and pleased with the results.

On the fifth day I decided to take 4 tablets (with the same two hour interval), this resulted in a very, very bad experience. I had heavy body sweats and overheating, focusing got worse and I felt very jittery and nervous. I will never take more than the 3 tablets prescribed to me but my question was:

Can a simple 10mg increase per day have effects like that or was it a strong placebo-like effect of 'breaking the rules'?

09-25-14, 08:13 PM
Yes. You have to factor in alot of other variables though. Latent energy... foods and water that day... expectation... etc etc...

Though this is quite common even for peeps who take the same dose. Which is why lifestyle factors need to be consisent.

09-25-14, 09:28 PM
In general, a placebo-like effect would probably not be that strong or that specific. What really might have happened to make things worse, though, is dehydration, lack of food, tiredness, caffeine use, or other things that... ummm... affect the effect. :)

09-26-14, 06:00 PM
Hi and welcome.

You need to pay attention to how fast it wears off.

ritalin is known for its roller coaster effect - it may work strong for an hour but have no effect by 4 hours.

from experience, 3 hourly dosing seems to work best smoothing the rollercoaster. But you may need to take less:

eg rollercoaster 10mg/4hrs -> smoother 5mg/3hrs

its best to have a watch with a timer to time the doses.

ritalin can work well but getting the dose and timing right are important.

Good luck.