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09-27-14, 11:09 AM
Those looking for tips for interventions might check out the results of a large
survey of parents ( of kids with autism and aspergers.

Several diets seem to be very promising--gluten free, SCD; however, the best rated intervention was heavy metal detox!

Maybe the folks who have been concerned about vaccines are not the quacks that they've been made out to be. A whistleblower at the US CDC admitted to obscuring the impact of vaccines on autism spectrum disorders. Boyd Haley, former chair of the chem dept at the U of KY, comments on that in his interview with naturalnews ( erosal_autism_cdc_whistleblower.html) and youtube ( wer).

Haley has papers ( and youtube ( on that and related subjects.

Btw, the origin of the use of the word "quack" is doctors who used mercury to
treat patients! Mercury is quecksilber in German. Now mercury (thimerosal) in the flu vaccine and in "silver" dental fillings is mainstream.

Due to my own heavy metal problem I've been impressed by the gains many parents of autistic kids report in detox groups. The book Fight Autism and Win as well as the Yahoo group by the same name are resources to consider. Over the years I've come to respect their coauthors, especially, Jan. ( 2F)

Noted autism specialist, Dr Amy Holmes ( 9.html), greatly improved ( her formerly autistic son ( and many patients with treatments ( that included a variation of Cutler's protocol (

There is more on that method in Cutler's interviews in Thinking Mom's Revolution ( king-out-loud-tex-and-dr-andy-cutler-part-2%2F) and Youtube (

10-02-14, 12:58 AM
I'm not detoxing my metal brain. How else can I make it into the League of Assassins...I mean heroes. Cough.

I try to keep an open mind on this subject. I believe autism can have many causes. Mine being a mixture of genes and complications in the womb.

I believe in Australia they no longer use mercury in dental fillings. It's pretty clear it's a toxic substance.

Some of us just like living with our autism, while working on getting rid of the bad bits through educating ourselves a bit more, and taking advantage of our superior ability to focus, memorize, organise and being logical little robot people.

Sorry if I offend anyone with my descriptions. I'm in a bit of a weird mood today.

I like eating chocolate. No to diets for me.

10-02-14, 10:34 AM
I'm not detoxing my metal brain. How else can I make it into the League of Assassins...I mean heroes. Cough.

If you are fairly young, that might seem reasonable. As we get older, we are expected to handle more responsibility. Greater professional opportunities are available to those who have good social and leadership skills.

The following is an example of what mercury does to the brain over the long term. There are many other symptoms. Those who have some arsenic along with the mercury seem to be more likely to have nasty food and chemical sensitivities. There are many sad cases in the heavy metal detox groups. Some people can only eat a dozen foods without problems.

U of Calgary video (

I like eating chocolate. No to diets for me.

I like chocolate too. For years I've been putting a few drops in the drink I sip in the evenings along with water and 30% milk. It is a strange combo but it both calms and energizes my brain so I can study, etc.

A better alternative, especially for those of us who would be healthier if we lost a few pounds, might be DL Phenylalanine or the related phenylethylamine (PEA) as described here. (