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09-27-14, 04:59 PM
I have had some good success with my methylphenidate prescription manufactured by Sandoz. I was just told by my pharmacy that they will be unable to get any more from this particular manufacturer until after the new year as they (Sandoz) have reached the government's allowance. I am wondering if there are any recommendations from those of you who have had success with Sandoz, if you have had equal or close to equal success with any other manufacturers. I have tried two other manufacturers and have side effects that are unpleasant or the medication has not worked at all. Thank you so much!

09-27-14, 10:45 PM
I've never tried Sandoz methylphenidate, but I've had side effects caused by specific generic brands. Which ones have you tried? Have you tried brand name Ritalin?

09-28-14, 05:39 AM
I have tried Sandoz (slight improvement), Mallinckrodt (did nothing but give me headaches), and now Pharm (makes my inattentive symptoms worse). None have worked great but out of the three Sandoz worked the best. I have never tried Ritalin brand name. I have been told that my insurance company most likely won't cover the brand name. Wondering if that is true?

09-28-14, 04:01 PM
Your doctor may be able to get your insurance to cover the brand name by calling them and explaining the situation. I couldn't tolerate generic Ritalin because of the horrible side effects it was giving me, so my doctor prescribed brand name Ritalin and brand name Focalin and my insurance company covered both.

Also, have you tried other ADHD meds? (e.g. Adderall, Vyvanse, Dexedrine etc.). Also Focalin is similar to Ritalin but it's known to cause less side effects, so it may be worth trying.

10-05-14, 06:18 PM
I've been on Corepharma methylphenidate, Sandoz Methylphenidate, and Mallinkrodt Methylphenidate....OH! and how could I forget, i've been on Watson Labs, Methylphenidate.

Sandoz caused little to no side effects for me. I would have to say that is the best manufacturer to go with, but you said that they were out soooooo, next would be, Watson Labs.

Watson Labs was the same as Sandoz...Little to no side effects, at most, it made me calmer than Sandoz and focus a lot more efficiently. It helped alleviate my anxiety symptoms as well.

The only side effects that I got from Corepharma was a slight tremor, mild irritability, or I was manic after it had worn off, but nothing else other than that to be honest with you. On certain days though, depending, it would aggravate my anxiety a little.

Mallinkrodt, in my honest opinion, would have to be the worst manufacturer to get Ritalin from. I got, nausea, headaches, twitches, tremors, anxiety, and hot flashes from this one. I would say avoid it like the plague, but everyone reacts differently.

All in all, I would suggest that you seek out Watson Labs or Corepharma. They're the two best in my opinion. That and I found that Watson Labs Methylphenidate was most similar to Sandoz when compared to the others, but that's just me.