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09-28-14, 11:09 AM
In my recent experiences with my sister's psych emergency hospitalization, it was discovered that she has a urinary tract infection, also. I was advised by psych staff that there's a very clear link to significant, and often otherwise unexplainable, behavioral changes when a patient has this infection, but that most medical doctors won't/don't acknowledge the link.

I also recall when I was doing non-medical care giving for a gentleman with Parkinson's, that every time he'd get a UTI, it was as if we had to start everything over again as far as getting his communication back, etc.

Just curious if anyone else has had the experience of discovering a UTI created issues you didn't know could be linked, and/or any professional points of view regarding the links between UTI and how it can effect mental health diagnoses.

09-28-14, 11:11 AM
My grampa becomes delirious with utis some people do with infection especially when they are older :( start hallucinating and becoming paranoid this has happened to 3 of the elderly males in my family also

09-28-14, 11:14 AM

A fact sheet from alzheimers re this but also touches on this phenomena in older people generally :)

In th uk they sometimes reccommend a short term treatment with anti psychotics and antibiotics until the infection and delirium subsides :)

09-28-14, 11:20 AM
He mentioned it usually only shows up in elderly people and "people like my sister". Her diagnosis is schizoaffective disorder and she's in her early 50's. He said he thought that's one of the reasons medical docs don't acknowledge it, is due to most folks having had experienced it previously were elderly. Makes me wonder how many not so elderly peeps have suffered due to docs not wishing to acknowledge it or look for it.

09-28-14, 11:22 AM
It's understandable that your sis with her mental health issues would be more vulnerable to it if her body's immune system and everything is struggling with an infection